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Shahidullah Kaiser (1927-1971)


Abu Nayeem Mohammad Shahidullah (brother of Zahir Raihan) was born on 16th Feb, 1927 in the Mazupur village in the Feni District (Bangladesh). His father Maulana Mohammad Habibullah, was principal of the Dhaka Aliya Madrasah. He died on East Pakistan Intellectuals massacre on 1971. He obtained Bachelors degree in economics from Presidency College (Kolkata). He studied Masters from Calcutta University, but did not finish it.
Political Life :
Since his student days he was active in politics and cultural movements, and became a member of Communist Party of East Pakistan. He played an important role in the language movement. As a result, he was in prison for several times. On 3 June 1952 he was arrested and was was in jail for three and a half years. Then on 1955 he was again arrested and sent to jail, on the third time on 14 October 1958, he was arrested third time and was in jail for four years ,September 1962
He was a journalist of Ittefaq (Dhaka). He was arrested on 3 June 1952 and was jailed long time for his Language Movement activity.
Works :
Sareng Bau (1962)
Sangshaptak (1965)
Krsnachura Megh
Timir Balay
Digante Phuler Agun
Samudra O Trsna
Chandrabhaner Kanya
Kabe Pohabe Bibhabari
Rajbandir Rojnamacha (1962)
Peshwar Theke Tashkhand (1966)
Works :
Adamjee Literary Award (1962)
Bangla Academy Award (1962)


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